Installing the Toner Cartridge
Article ID: ART166491 | Date published: 09/09/2016 | Date last updated: 09/12/2016


Installing the Toner Cartridge


  • Do not dispose of used toner cartridges in open flames. Also, do not store toner cartridges or paper in a location exposed to open flames. This may cause the toner to ignite, and result in burns or fire.
  • If you accidentally spill or scatter toner, carefully gather the toner particles together or wipe them up with a soft, damp cloth in a way that prevents inhalation. Never use a vacuum cleaner that does not have safeguards against dust explosions to clean up spilled toner. Doing so may cause a malfunction in the vacuum cleaner, or result in a dust explosion due to static discharge.
If you are using a cardiac pacemaker
  • Toner cartridges generate a low level magnetic flux. If you use a cardiac pacemaker and feel abnormalities, please move away from toner cartridges and consult your physician immediately.

  • Use caution not to inhale any toner. If you should inhale toner, consult a physician immediately.
  • Use caution so that toner does not get into your eyes or mouth. If toner should get into your eyes or mouth, immediately wash with cold water and consult a physician.
  • Use caution so that toner does not come into contact with your skin. If it should, wash with soap and cold water. If there is any irritation on your skin, consult a physician immediately.
  • Keep the toner cartridges and other consumables out of the reach of small children. If toner is ingested, consult a physician or poison control center immediately.
  • Do not disassemble or modify the toner cartridge. Doing so may cause the toner to scatter.
  • Remove the sealing tape of the toner cartridge completely without using excessive force. Doing otherwise may cause the toner to scatter.

The machine comes with the toner cartridge installed at the time of purchase. You must remove the sealing tape from the cartridge to use the machine.

1. Lift the operation panel.
If you cannot lift the operation panel
  • Make sure the feeder or platen glass cover is completely closed. If a thick original such as a book is placed on the platen glass, remove the original. Forcing the operation panel up may cause damage.

2. Open the toner cover by the grip at the front right of the toner cover.

3. Remove the packing material as shown below.

4. Pull the toner cartridge out of the machine.

5. Remove the packing material as shown below.

6. Shake the toner cartridge 5 or 6 times as shown below to evenly distribute the toner inside the cartridge.


7. Place the toner cartridge on a flat surface, and remove the protection material from the cartridge.

8. Pull the sealing tape straight out.
  • The full length of the sealing tape is approximately 19 3/4" (50 cm).
When pulling out the sealing tape
  • If the sealing tape remains inside the toner cartridge, the quality of printouts may deteriorate.
- Do not pull out the sealing tape at an angle or sideways. If the tape breaks, you may not be able to pull it out completely.
- If the sealing tape becomes stuck when pulling it out, keep pulling until it is completely removed.

9. Install the toner cartridge.
  • Align the right and left projections ( ) with the toner cartridge guides, and push
securely all the way in.

10. Close the toner cover, and lower the operation panel.
If you cannot close the toner cover
  • Make sure that the toner cartridge is inserted properly. Forcing it closed may cause damage.