Supplied Accessories and Optional Accessories (XC15)

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Supplied Accessories and Optional Accessories (XC15)


Supplied Accessories

The following accessories are supplied with the camcorder.
CA-945 AC Adapter (incl. power cord)
LP-E6N Battery Pack (incl. protective cover)
Lens Hood
Viewfinder Unit (incl. viewfinder unit cover)
Lens Cap
MA-400 Microphone Adapter
UN-5 Unit Cable
Cable Clamp
Shoulder Strap
IFC-300PCU/S USB Cable
HTC-100/S High Speed HDMI Cable
Quick Guide

Optional Accessorie

The following optional accessories are compatible with this camcorder. The availability differs from area to area.
LP-E6N Battery Pack
CA-945 AC Adapter
LC-E6 Battery Charger
MA-400 Microphone Adapter
UN-5 Unit Cable
RC-6 Remote Controller
GP-E2 GPS Receiver
IFC-400PCU USB Cable
Protect Filter 58 mm, ND4L Filter 58 mm, ND8L Filter 58 mm

Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended.
The message [Battery communication error] is displayed if you use a non-genuine Canon battery pack, and user response is required. Note that Canon shall not be liable for any damages resulting from accidents, such as malfunction or fire, that occur due to use of non-genuine Canon battery packs.



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