How to start Cableless Setup on the printer MG3020 / MG3022

Article ID: ART166550 | Date published: 09/13/2016 | Date last updated: 04/19/2019


MG3020 / MG3022 Easy Wireless Connect



1.  Press and hold the Wireless button (A) until the Wireless lamp (B) flashes

2.  Press the Color button (C)

3.  Press the  Wireless button repeatedly until the Network lamp (D) lights up AND the Direct lamp is not lit.

4.  Press the Color button

After starting the Cableless Setup (Easy Wireless Connect), Software Drivers and applications need to be installed to enable wireless scanning and printing from a computer.

If you are using a computer:

Click here for instructions on installing the software for Windows PCs.  Click here if you are using a Mac.

If you would like to use your printer with a mobile device:

Click here for instructions for setting up an iOS device.  Click here if you are using an Android device.


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