Filter or Printout Errors With a Mac OS X 10.11 Driver on a Mac OS X Sierra 10.12

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If you use a printer driver for Mac OS 10.11 with 10.12 and get a printer error, follow these steps to fix it.


About filter or printout errors

If you use a printer driver for OS X® EI Capitan (10.11) with macOS® Sierra (10.12), you may encounter a "Filter failed" error when you attempt to print and may see:
  • Printing stops midway.

  • Print results are incorrect (some portions are missing, etc.).

    Filter failed error

Fix a filter error

Follow these steps to fix the printer's filter error:
  1. Open the print dialog window.

  2. ​Select the paper size.

  3. In the print dialog box, select Open PDF in Preview from the PDF drop-down menu.

    PDF selected from drop-down
    Open PDF in preview selected

  4. Select the same paper size that you selected in Step 2 (above), then set your print settings in the printer driver.

  5. Select File, then Save.

    Save selected from file menu

  6. In the Format box, select TIFF.

  7. In the Resolution box, enter 600 and select pixels/inch.

  8. Select Save.

    Resolution box populated according to instructions
  9. Select File, then Export.

    Export selected from file menu
  10. In the Format box, select TIFF.

  11. Uncheck Alpha.

  12. Select Save.

    Save selected at bottom right of screen
  13. Select File, then Print.

    print selected from file menu

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