Configuring the wireless settings using the Network Setup Tool on Mac

Article ID: ART166673 | Date published: 10/20/2016 | Date last updated: 10/20/2016


Instructions for running the Network Setup Tool on Mac when the network does not have WPS.


To use the Network Setup Tool you will need your networks name(SSID) and password if it has one.

1. Click on the downloaded DMG file.

2. Click on the Canon MF/LBP Network Setup Icon

If the screen below appears click Open.

3. Select Wireless LAN Connection, then click Continue

4. Check next to Yes, then click Continue

5. Check Easy Setup, then click Continue

6. Check "My wireless LAN access point does not have a WPS button..", then click Continue.

7. Follow the instructions on screen to connect the USB cable, then click Continue.

8. Select your network name under the column that says SSID, then click Continue.

9. If prompted for the Network Key enter the password for your network, then click Connect.

This screen will show briefly, click Continue when it fills blue.

10. Disconnect the USB cable when prompted and hit continue.

11. Click Exit.


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