Changing Settings in Wired LAN Sheet (Windows)

Article ID: ART166682 | Date published: 10/26/2016 | Date last updated: 08/27/2019


Changing Settings in Wired LAN Sheet (Windows)




  • This function is not available depending on the printer you are using.

  • Enable the wired LAN setting of the printer to change the settings in the Wired LAN sheet.

  1. Start up IJ Network Tool.

  2. Select printer in Printers:.

  3. Select Configuration... in the Settings menu.

  4. Click the Wired LAN tab.
    The Wired LAN sheet is displayed.


    For more on the Wired LAN sheet, see Wired LAN Sheet.

  5. Change or check settings.
    Set the IP address of the printer to be used over the LAN. Specify a value appropriate for your network environment.

  6. Click OK.

    After changing configuration, a screen is displayed asking you for confirmation before the settings are sent to the printer. If you click Yes, the settings are sent to the printer and the Transmitted Settings screen is displayed.


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