Wired LAN Sheet - IJ Network Tool (Windows)

Article ID: ART166683 | Date published: 10/26/2016 | Date last updated: 06/03/2019


Wired LAN Sheet (Windows)



Allows you to set the printer with wired LAN connection.

To display the Wired LAN sheet, click the Wired LAN tab on the Configuration screen.

  1. TCP/IP Setup:

    Sets the IP address of the printer to be used over the LAN. Specify a value appropriate for your network environment.

    Get IP address automatically

    Select this option to use an IP address automatically assigned by a DHCP server. DHCP server functionality must be enabled on your router.

    Use next IP address

    Select this option if no DHCP server functionality is available in your setup where you use the printer, or you want to use a particular IP address or a fixed IP address.


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