Admin Password Sheet - IJ Network Tool (Windows)

Article ID: ART166685 | Date published: 10/26/2016 | Date last updated: 12/09/2021


This article provides some information on the Admin Password Sheet found in the IJ Network Tool for Windows.


Sets a password for the printer to allow specific people to perform setup and configurations operation.

To display the Admin Password sheet:

  1. Start IJ Network Tool.

  2. Select the printer in Printers:.

  3. Click Configuration... in the Settings menu.

  4. Click the Admin Password tab on the Configuration screen.

  1. Use admin password
    Sets an administrator password with privileges to set up and change detailed options. To use this feature, select this check box and enter a password.

  2. Password:
    Enter the password to set.

  3. Password Confirmation:
    Enter the password again for confirmation.

 If you forget the administrator password you specified, initialize the printer to return the password to the default setting.

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