Search Screen (IJ Network Tool - Windows)

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Search Screen (IJ Network Tool - Windows)




  • This function is not available depending on the printer you are using.

The wireless routers detected are listed.

  1. Detected Wireless Routers:

    The signal strength from the wireless router, encryption type, name of wireless router, and the radio channel can be checked.


    • If you connect to a network that is not protected with security measures, there is a risk of disclosing data such as your personal information to a third party.


    • Signal strength is displayed as follows.

      : Good

      : Fair

      : Poor

    • Type of encryption is displayed as follows.

      Blank: No encryption

      WEP: WEP is set

      WPA/WPA2: WPA/WPA2 is set

  2. Update

    Click to update the list of wireless routers when your target wireless router is not detected.

    If the target wireless router is set to the stealth mode, click Cancel to return to the previous screen and enter the wireless router's SSID in SSID: on the Wireless LAN sheet.

    Wireless LAN Sheet


    • When detecting your target wireless router, make sure the wireless router is turned on.

  3. Set

    Click to set the wireless router's SSID in SSID: on the Wireless LAN sheet.


    • The WPA/WPA2 Details screen or the WEP Details screen appears if the selected wireless router is encrypted. In this case, configure the details to use the same encryption settings set to the wireless router.

    • Wireless routers that cannot be used by this machine (including those configured to use different encryption methods) are displayed grayed out and cannot be configured.


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