Wireless LAN Sheet - IJ Network Tool (Windows)

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This article provides some information on the Wireless LAN Sheet found in the IJ Network Tool for Windows.



Allows you to set the printer with wireless LAN connection.

To display the Wireless LAN sheet:

  1. Start IJ Network Tool.
  2. Select the printer in Printers:.
  3. Click Configuration... in the Settings menu.
  4. Click the Wireless LAN tab.

  1. Network Type:

    Displays the wireless LAN mode currently selected.


    • When Direct Connection is displayed on Network Type:, you cannot change the settings on the Wireless LAN sheet or the Admin Password sheet.

    • You can change or check the settings from Set up printer's direct connection... in the Settings menu when you use the printer with the direct connection (access point mode).

      Changing Settings in Direct Connection


    Connects the printer to the wireless LAN with a wireless router.

    Direct Connection

    Connects external wireless communication devices (e.g. computers, smartphones, or tablets) to the printer using it as an access point (wireless router).

  2. SSID:

    The network name (SSID) of the wireless LAN currently used is displayed.


    • Enter the same SSID that the wireless router is configured to use. The SSID is case-sensitive.

    In the direct connection (access point mode), the access point name (SSID) of the printer is displayed.
    As the initial settings, the unique value is displayed.

  3. Search...

    The Search screen is displayed to select a wireless router to connect to.

    Search Screen


    • When IJ Network Tool runs over a LAN, the button is grayed out and cannot be selected. Connect the printer and the computer with a USB cable temporarily to change the settings.

  4. Encryption Method:

    Select the encryption method used over the wireless LAN.

    Do not use

    Select to disable encryption.

    Use WEP

    Transmission is encrypted using a WEP key you specified.

    If a WEP key has not been set, the WEP Details screen is displayed automatically. To change WEP settings set before, click Configuration... to display the screen.

    Changing WEP Detailed Settings

    Use WPA/WPA2

    Transmission is encrypted using a WPA/WPA2 key you specified.

    The security has been strengthened more than WEP.

    If a WPA/WPA2 key has not been set, the Authentication Type Confirmation screen is displayed automatically. To change WPA/WPA2 settings set before, click Configuration... to display the WPA/WPA2 Details screen.

    Changing WPA/WPA2 Detailed Settings

  5. Configuration...

    The detailed settings screen is displayed. The WEP or the WPA/WPA2 key selected in Encryption Method: can be checked and changed.

    For more on WEP setting:

    Changing WEP Detailed Settings

    For more on WPA/WPA2 setting:

    Changing WPA/WPA2 Detailed Settings

  6. TCP/IP Setup:

    Sets the IP address of the printer to be used over the LAN. Specify a value appropriate for your network environment.

    Get IP address automatically

    Select this option to use an IP address automatically assigned by a DHCP server. DHCP server functionality must be enabled on your wireless router.

    Use next IP address

    Select this option if no DHCP server functionality is available in your setup where you use the printer, or you want to use a particular IP address or a fixed IP address.


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