What Canon scanners support PosterArtist QuickCopy?

Article ID: ART166692 | Date published: 10/26/2016 | Date last updated: 10/26/2016


PosterArtist QuickCopy requires CanonScan or PIXMA MP series equipment.


All of the CanoScan series scanners are supported by PosterArtist QuickCopy with the following exceptions:

Models not supporting CaonScan linkage
- CanoScan D series/CanonScanFB Series/CanoScanFS series/CanoScanN series
- CanoScan LiDE20/ LiDE30/ LiDE50
- CanoScan 300/ 300DX/ 600/ 600DX/ 2700F/ 3000/ 3000F/ 3200/ 3200F/ 5000/ 5000F/ 4200F/ 8000F/ 9900F

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