Memory Card Handling Precautions

Article ID: ART166700 | Date published: 10/28/2016 | Date last updated: 10/02/2019


Memory Card Handling Precautions


Memory cards are sensitive and can be easily damaged, so please use the following general handling precautions to ensure the best possible results with your images;

  • do not drop the memory card or subject it to any vibration or knocks
  • do not spill any liquid on it
  • do not bend or damage the card in any way
  • do not touch the memory card contact elements with your hands or any metal objects
  • do not expose it to direct sunlight or expose it near any heat sources
  • do not expose it to any magnetic or static forces
  • when not in a camera, please always store the memory card in a suitable case
  • never store it in hot, humid or dusty conditions

Precautions while operating the camera

If the camera's power light is on or flashing, the camera is saving, loading, or erasing the data on the memory card.
To avoid damaging content stored on the card during this process, please never
  • Subject the camera to strong impacts or knocks.
  • Set the camera's power to <OFF>.
  • Open the battery cover, or the memory card slot cover while in use.

Precautions for formatting and editing a memory card

Memory cards previously formatted on computers or on other camera manufacturer’s digital cameras may not operate correctly with Canon cameras.
Formatting a memory card will erase everything previously contained on the card. So, prior to formatting a memory card, please ensure that any previously stored images that you wish to keep have already been transferred to your computer or another suitable device.
Please refer to your product Instruction Manual for detailed instructions on how to successfully format a memory card.



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