Find the page yield per ink tank for your Canon inkjet printer

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Get information about page yields for your Canon inkjet printer model to know how many pages print for each available ink tank type. Includes sections for single function printers, multifunction printers, and small office / home office printers.


About page yields

When you are looking to buy an inkjet printer, photo/office all-in-one, or inkjet fax, the page yield (the number of pages that it can print using one ink cartidge) may be a decision factor.

 Learn more about how page yields are measured.

Page yields by printer type and model


Single Function Printers

iB Series
iP Series
iP90v iP2600 iP3500 iP4600 iP4920
iP100 iP2702 iP3600 iP4700 iP7220
iP110 iP2820 iP4500 iP4820 iP8720
iX Series G Series TS Series TR Series  
iX6520 G1200 TS202 TR150  
iX6820 G5020 TS302    
iX7000   TS702    
PRO Series
Pro9000 PRO-1 imagePROGRAF PRO-300    
Pro9500 PRO-10 imagePROGRAF PRO-1000    
Pro9000 Mark II PRO-100      
Pro9500 Mark II PRO-200      

Multifunction Printers

G Series
G620 G2260 G3260 G6020  
G2200 G3200 G4200    
GX Series
MB Series
MB2020 MB2320 MB5020 MB5320  
MB2120 MB2720 MB5120 MB5420  
MP Series
MP160 MP250 MP480 MP610 MP970
MP190 MP270 MP490 MP620 MP980
MP230 MP280 MP520 MP640 MP990
MP240 MP470 MP560 MP830  
MG Series
MG2120 MG2924 MG4120 MG5522 MG6620
MG2220 MG3020 MG4220 MG5620 MG6820 Series
MG2420 MG3120 MG5120 MG5720 Series MG7120
MG2520 MG3220 MG5220 MG6120 MG7520
MG2525 MG3520 MG5320 MG6220 MG7720
MG2920 MG3522 MG5420 MG6320 MG8120
MG2922 MG3620 MG5520 MG6420 MG8220
MX Series
MX300 MX360 MX439 MX522 MX860
MX310 MX372 MX452 MX532 MX870
MX320 MX392 MX472 MX700 MX882
MX330 MX410 MX479 MX712 MX892
MX340 MX420 MX492 MX722 MX922
MX350 MX432 MX512 MX850 MX7600
TS Series
TS3120 TS5120 TS6220 TS8020 TS9020
TS3320 TS5320 TS6320 TS8120  
TS3520 TS6020 TS6420 TS8220 TS9500 Series
TS5020 TS6120 TS7720 TS8320  
TR Series
TR4500 Series TR4700 Series TR7020 TR7520 TR7820
TR8520 TR8620      

Inkjet Faxes


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