How to Update the Firmware

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This article explains how to update the firmware for your printer.  Please note that while the screenshot of the firmware update utility in this article is for the Windows version, this article applies to both the Windows and Mac versions of this utility.



Use the printer update utility to upgrade the printer's firmware.

Firmware upgrade procedure

  • The static IP address, administrator password, and other information in the network settings will be lost after the upgrade.  We recommend printing the setting information beforehand.
  1. Connect the USB cable
    Check that the printer's USB port and the PC are connected with the USB cable.
    Disconnect all other cables connected to the printer, including LAN cables and USB cables for cameras and other devices.
  • As shown in the figure below, use the USB to connect the computer and this printer. The USB port is at the rear of the printer.

  1. Start the printer update utility

    If you are using Windows

    Download "fuu_-win-xxxxx.exe" from the printer's upgrade page on the Canon homepage.  Then, expand the downloaded "fuu_-win-xxxxx.exe" file, double-click "Printer Update.exe", which is included in the expanded folder, and start the printer upgrade utility.

    If you are using Mac OS

    Download the disk image file from the printer's upgrade page on the Canon homepage.  If the printer update utility does not start up automatically, double-click it to open the disk, and then double-click Printer Update.
  2. Check the contents of Step 1 that is displayed in the Printer Update Utility, turn on the printer power, and then click Next
  • If an error message is displayed, the possible causes are as follows:
  • Cause (1): The USB cable is not connected.
    Corrective action: Connect the USB cable, and start over from step 1.
  • Cause (2): The downloaded upgrade file is for a different printer.
    Corrective action: Download the file for the printer to be upgraded, and start over from step 1.
  1. Check the contents of Step 2 that is displayed in the Printer Update Utility and click Start

    The upgrade starts.

  • Do not turn off the printer or disconnect the USB cable until the upgrade is complete. Doing so may cause an error.

  • If you are unable to click Start, the upgrade was attempted on a printer that does not require firmware overwriting. Check the Current software version again.  If it does not require the upgrade then cancel it.
  • During the upgrade, the error lamp on the printer will flash orange.
  1. When the Step 3 window appears in the Printer Update Utility, check the message contents, and click Quit

    This completes the firmware upgrade.
    When the version upgrade is complete, the orange error lamp changes from flashing to lit.
    Before using the printer, turn off the printer, remove the power cord and USB cable, then turn the power on again.
  • If the power is turned off during the upgrade, the upgrade will not end normally.
    If the printer does not operate normally even if you turn off the printer power and then turn it back on again, the upgrade may not have ended normally.

  • If you want to check if the upgrade was successful, print the nozzle check pattern from the printer and see if the software (firmware) version "Ver.2.1xx" or later is printed.

Installation after the upgrade

To print from the printer with the upgraded firmware, you need to install the printer driver that supports the upgrade.

You can also install the application software that supports the upgrade and the manual.
For information on the download and installation procedure, access the printer's upgrade page on the Canon homepage.

Notes on printer driver installation

When you connect the computer and the printer with an ethernet cable, refer to below
  1. Remove the cap (A) from the bottom port at the right rear of the printer.

  2. Use the ethernet cable (A) to connect the printer and the network device (for example, the router)

    Do not connect the ethernet cable to the USB port.

  • If you are using a Mac OS, when you select the network connection on the Add Printer screen after installing the printer driver, select "Canon IJ Network".


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