To our customer using macOS Sierra

Article ID: ART166961 | Date published: 12/20/2016 | Date last updated: 12/20/2016


To our customer using macOS Sierra


We would like you to take notice to the following points when using your Canon inkjet products with macOS Sierra (10.12):

1. Update the OS to version 10.12.1 and higher.
If printing is performed with version 10.12 of the OS, the problems below may occur.
- When you attempt to print, the "filter error" will be indicated and no printing can be performed.
- Printing stops midway.
- Print results are incorrect (some portions are missing, etc.).
To solve the problems above, you will need to update your OS to 10.12.1 or higher.

2. Using the latest version of the Canon software.
If you are using the older version of the Canon software, the following phenomena may appear:
- The software cannot be launched.
- The display is incorrect.
To resolve the above problems, we recommend you download the latest version of the software supporting macOS Sierra from Canon website.



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