Compatible Remote Controllers (EOS M5)

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Compatible Remote Controllers (EOS M5)


Remote Controller and Remote Switch

You can use Wireless Remote Controller RC-6 (sold separately) to shoot pictures up to approx. 5 meters (16 ft.) from the front of the camera. An optional Remote Switch RS-60E3 (sold separately) can be used to avoid camera shake that may otherwise occur when pressing the shutter button directly. This optional accessory is convenient when shooting at slow shutter speeds.
Wireless Remote Controller RC-6 Remote Switch RS-60E3



  • You can also use Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3 (sold separately) and Remote Controller Adapter RA-E3 (sold separately).
  • For details on these accessories' operation procedures, see the respective instruction manuals.


Connecting the Remote Switch

1. Make sure the camera is off.
2. Open the terminal cover and insert the remote switch plug.


Shooting Remotely

1. Set the camera's power switch to <ON>.



2. Press the [ ] button, choose [ ] in the menu, and then choose [ ].



3. The [ ] icon will be displayed on the screen after the setting has been completed.



4. Point the remote controller toward the camera's remote control sensor and press the transmit button.

  • The picture is not taken until focus is achieved.
  • Fluorescent or LED lighting may cause incorrect operation of the camera by triggering the shutter inadvertently. Try to keep the camera away from such light sources.
  • If you point a remote controller for a TV set toward the camera and operate it, it may cause camera misoperation by triggering the shutter inadvertently.




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