Making Copies on Plain Paper - G3200

Article ID: ART167134 | Date published: 01/09/2017 | Date last updated: 01/09/2017


This article explains how to make copies on plain paper with your PIXMA G3200.



Load the original on the platen glass to copy on A4 sized plain paper.

  1. Make sure machine is turned on.

  2. Load A4 or Letter-sized plain paper.

  3. Load original on platen glass.


  4. Press the Color button for color copying, or the Black button for black & white copying.

    The machine starts copying.

    Remove the original on the platen glass after copying is complete.

    • To make multiple copies

      Press the Color button or the Black button repeatedly according to the number of copies you want.

      Press the same button (Color button or Black button) as the one which you previously pressed.

    • To cancel copying:

      Press the Stop button.


  • Do not open the document cover or remove the original from the platen glass until scanning is completed.

    While the machine is scanning the original, the ON lamp keeps flashing.


  • To set the print quality to "Draft" (speed priority)

    You can set the print quality to "Draft" (speed priority) following the procedure below.

    1. Press and hold down the Color or Black button for 2 or more seconds in step 4.

      The ON lamp flashes once.

    2. Release button.

      The machine starts copying.

    When the print quality is set to "Draft", print speed is given priority over quality. To give priority to quality, press the Color or Black button for less than 2 seconds to copy in the print quality "Standard".


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