Changing Control Ring Settings (PowerShot G9 X Mark II)

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Changing Control Ring Settings (PowerShot G9 X Mark II)


Changing Control Ring Settings

Reassign control ring functions as follows.
Using the control ring is an enjoyable way to control the camera as you would a fully manual camera.

1.Turn the camera on.
  • Press the power button.
  • The startup screen is displayed.

2.Access the menu screen.
  • Press the [MENU] button.

3.Choose a function to assign to the [ ] ring.
  • Touch [ ], and then touch [2].

  • Touch [ Settings ], and then press the [ ] button.

  • Touch [ Switch with ].

  • Touch [Disable] on the screen displayed.

  • Touch [Set Function].

4.Configure the assigned function.
  • Touch the desired menu item on the screen displayed to select it.
  • Press the < > button to complete the setting.

Functions Assignable to the Control Ring

Functions you can assign to the control ring vary depending on shooting mode.
ItemShooting Mode
Adjust the ISO speed
Correct the exposure
Correct white balance
Perform step zooming (except in mode)
Set the Auto Lighting Optimizer effect
Adjust the aspect ratio (except in mode)

  • The [ ] ring can be used for step zooming in [AUTO] or [ ] mode.



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