Shooting Night Scenes under Starry Skies (Star Nightscape) (PowerShot G9 X Mark II)

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Shooting Night Scenes under Starry Skies (Star Nightscape) (PowerShot G9 X Mark II)


Capture impressive shots of starry skies above night scenes. Starlight in the image is automatically enhanced, making starry skies look beautiful.
The procedure for shooting in Star Nightscape mode is explained below.

1.Turn the camera on.
  • Press the power button.

2.Enter [SCN] mode.
  • Set the mode dial to [SCN].

3.Choose a shooting mode.
  • Touch [ ], and then touch [ ][ ] or drag up or down on the screen to choose a shooting mode.

  • If the default settings have not been changed, [ ] will be displayed.

4.Choose [ ].
  • Follow steps 3 in "Specific Scenes" and choose [ ], and then press the [INFO.] button.

  • Touch [ ], and then press the [ ] button.

  • Zoom is set to maximum wide angle and cannot be adjusted.

5.Secure the camera.
  • Mount the camera on a tripod or take other measures to keep it still and prevent camera shake.
  • Press the shutter button all the way down to shoot.
  • There will be a delay before you can shoot again, as the camera processes the images.
  • ISO is set to Auto and cannot be changed.
  • Aperture cannot be changed manually.
  • For easier viewing, try choosing MENU > [ -2 ] tab > [Night Display] > [On] before shooting.
  • To make stars brighter, choose MENU > [ -6 ] tab > [Star Emphasis] > [Sharp]. To emphasize the bright stars in a starry sky, set [Star Emphasis] to [Soft]. This setting can produce eye-catching shots by enlarging bright stars while de-emphasizing dimmer stars. To disable starlight processing, select [Off].
  • Try switching to manual focus mode to more accurately specify the focal position before shooting.



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