Does my laser multifunction use the MF Scan Utility or MF Toolbox?

Article ID: ART167331 | Date published: 02/14/2017 | Date last updated: 08/30/2022


This is a simple spreadsheet listing which scanning software is supported by each model.

Once you determine which utility is correct click the link below for instructions.

Click here for MF Scan Utility

Click here for MF Toolbox


Model Printer Scanner Software

iC XMF1238 II/ MF1643i II/ MX1643iF II

MF Scan Utility

MF451dw/ MF452dw/ MF453dw/ MF455dw

MF Scan Utility

MF3010/ MF3010VP

MF Toolbox

iC X MF1127c/ iC X MF1238

MF Scan Utility

MF543dw/ MF449dw/ MF448dw/ MF445dw

MF Scan Utility

MF746Cdw/ MF745Cdw/ MF743Cdw/ MF741Cdw/ MF632Cdw/ MF644Cdw/ MF642Cdw/ MF641Cw

MF Scan Utility

D1650/ D1620

MF Scan Utility

MF264dw/ MF267dw/ MF269dw/ MF269dw VP

MF Scan Utility


MF Scan Utility

MF735Cdw/ MF733Cdw/ MF731Cdw/ MF632Cdw/ MF634Cdw

MF Scan Utility

MF525dw  MF429dw  MF426dw MF424dw

MF Scan Utility
MF232W/MF236n MF Scan Utility
MF242dw MF244Dw MF247DW MF249DW MF Scan Utility
MF414DW/416DW/MF419DW MF Scan Utility
MF515DW MF Scan Utility
MF624CW/628CW MF Scan Utility
MF726CDW/MF729CW MF Scan Utility
D570 MF Scan Utility
D530/550 MF ToolBox
D1520/1550 MF Scan Utility
MF8580CW/8280CW MF ToolBox
MF8380CW/8080CW MF ToolBox
MF8050CN/8350CDN MF ToolBox
MF8170/8180 MF ToolBox
MF6500 MF ToolBox
MF5850DN/5880DN MF ToolBox
MF5950DW/5960DW MF ToolBox
MF5530/5550/5750/5770 MF ToolBox
MF4890/4880/4770 MF ToolBox
MF4690 MF ToolBox
MF4570DN/4570DW/MF4450 MF ToolBox
MF4350D/4370DN MF ToolBox
D420/D480 MF ToolBox
MF4150/4270 MF ToolBox
MF3240 MF ToolBox
D1320/1350/1370 MF ToolBox
D1120/1150/1170/1180 MF ToolBox
MF212/216/217 MF ToolBox
MF227/229DW MF ToolBox
MF6160/6180DW MF ToolBox

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