Registering the Printer with Google Cloud Print - G4200

Article ID: ART167431 | Date published: 03/02/2017 | Date last updated: 10/21/2020


This article explains how to register your G4200 with Google Cloud Print.


After December 31, 2020, Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported.


Your printer can be registered with Google Cloud Print via Google Chrome or the operation panel.  Follow the steps below to register the printer.

Registration Using Google Chrome

  1. Start the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

  2. Select Sign in to Chrome... from (Chrome menu).

  3. Log in to your Google account.

  4. Select Settings from (Chrome menu).

  5. Select Show advanced settings... to display information.

  6. Select Manage for Google Cloud Print.

  7. When the Canon G4000 series and the Add printers button are displayed, select Add printers.

  8. When confirmation message for registering printer appears, select OK.

  9. When register confirmation screen is displayed on printer's LCD, select Yes.
    Printer registration is complete.


Registration Using Printer

  1. Make sure printer is turned on.

  2. Press the Setup button.
    The Setup menu screen will appear.

  3. Select Web service setup and press OK button.

  4. Select Connection setup -> GoogleCloudPrint -> Register w/ service in this order.


    • If you have already registered the printer with Google Cloud Print, the confirmation message to re-register the printer is displayed.
  5. When confirmation screen to register printer is displayed, select Yes and press OK button.

  6. Select a display language on the print setting screen of Google Cloud Print and press OK button.
    The confirmation message to print the authentication URL is displayed.

  7. Load A4 or Letter-sized plain paper and press OK button.
    The authentication URL is printed

  8. Make sure authentication URL is printed, select Yes and press OK button.

  9. Perform authentication process using web browser on computer or mobile device.
    Access to the URL using the web browser on the computer or the mobile device and perform the authentication process following the on-screen instructions.


    • Accessing to printed URL and performing the authentication process have to be carried out quickly.

    • If you exceed the time limit of the authentication process, an error message is displayed on the LCD. Press the OK button. When the confirmation message to print the authentication URL is displayed, try again from step 7.


    • Perform the authentication process with your Google account which you have gotten in advance.
  10. When message that registration is complete is displayed on the printer's LCD, press OK button.

    When the authentication process is completed properly, the registration items are displayed. When the authentication process is complete, you can print the data with Google Cloud Print.


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