Unable to Start Canon Quick Menu

Article ID: ART167514 | Date published: 03/16/2017 | Date last updated: 03/16/2017


This article explains what to do if you receive the error message Canon Quick Menu has stopped working when attempting to start the Quick Menu.



If the error message Canon Quick Menu has stopped working appears when attempting to start the Quick Menu on your Windows PC, it may be because of a conflicting file located in the TWAIN_32 folder.  Follow the steps below to move the file out of TWAIN_32.

  • Deleting files from TWAIN_32 may cause certain imaging devices (scanners, webcams, etc.) to stop functioning.  It is recommended that you move the conflicting files out of TWAIN_32 rather than delete them.
  1. Press and hold the Windows  key and press R.  This will open a Run box.
  2. In this box, type TWAIN_32 (this is not case sensitive) and click OK.

  3. A window will open which will contain various folders and a file called wiatwain.ds.  Canon scanners and multifunction printers will be represented by folders with either the names of the products in question, or they may have folders named CNQxxxx (where xxxx is a string of numbers).  Some Canon products will be found inside a folder called SG20.

    TWAIN_32 folder:

    SG20 folder:

  4. If you see other folders in TWAIN_32, move these to the desktop or another folder on your PC where they can be easily found.  Deleting folders from TWAIN_32 may cause imaging devices connected to your computer to stop functioning properly.

    You may be receive a prompt stating that you need to provide administrator permission to move a folder out of TWAIN_32.  If you receive this prompt, click Continue or the appropriate affirmative option.

  5. After moving the folder(s) in question out of TWAIN_32, try to launch Quick Menu again.


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