The Data Indicator Remains Lighting Up or Blinking

Article ID: ART167545 | Date published: 03/29/2017 | Date last updated: 09/12/2017


The Data Indicator Remains Lighting Up or Blinking


The Data indicator remains Lighting Up or Blinking.

The Data indicator lights when any job is being processed. If the Data indicator remains lighting up or blinking, and the Error indicator is also blinking with an error message on the display, check the following.

Message Remedy
Paper Settings and Loaded Size Mismatch See
If the Message <Paper Settings and Loaded Size Mismatch> Appears.
Load paper See
If the Message <Load paper.> Appears.
Paper jammed. See
If the Message <Paper jammed.> Appears.
End of Cartridge Lifetime See
If the Message <End of Cartridge Lifetime>Appears.

If no message is displayed on the display, print received documents or delete unnecessary documents in memory.

When the problem is solved, the document is printed and the Data indicator goes off.
If the indicator still remains lit even after checking the messages above, delete or cancel jobs.
* You cannot restore jobs once you deleted.



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