Printing Booklets

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Printing Booklets


You can bind printed documents into a booklet by printing 2 pages of a document onto each side of the paper, such that they can be folded in half to create a booklet (4 pages of a document are printed onto one sheet of paper).
This function might not be supported, depending on your printer model.

1. Display the [Basic Settings] or [Finishing] tab.

2. Select a printing method.
  • From the [Basic Settings] tab: Select [1-sided/2-sided/Booklet Printing] - [Booklet Printing] - click [Booklet]
  • From the [Finishing] tab: Select [Print Style] - [Booklet Printing] - click [Booklet]
[Booklet Printing Method]
  • [All Pages at Once]
Prints and folds all the pages in half together.
  • [Divide into Sets]
Prints and folds sets of pages according to the specified number of pages.
[Book Opening]
Select this to specify the direction the booklet opens.
[Specify Booklet Gutter]
Select this when you want to set a gutter and specify a gutter width.

3. Select [Specify Booklet Gutter] → specify a gutter width in [Booklet Gutter] → click [OK].

About this Function

Functions that Cannot Be Used with this Function
  • [Basic Settings] or [Page Setup] tab → [Manual Scaling]
  • [Basic Settings] or [Finishing] tab → [Finishing] → [Collate]
  • [Basic Settings] or [Finishing] tab → [Finishing] → [Group]
  • [Finishing] tab → [Print with Mixed Paper Sizes/Orientations]
  • The document may not be printed correctly if you use this function together with the overlay printing function.



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