If You Cannot Send a Fax

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If You Cannot Send a Fax


You cannot send a fax. An error message appears on the display when you send faxes.

If you cannot send faxes, check the following.

Did You Just Turn ON the Power Switch?

Wait for a while. After turning ON the power switch, the machine cannot scan documents immediately.

Is the Machine Set for the Correct Telephone Line Type?

Make sure the machine is set for the correct telephone line type. If you do not know the telephone line type, contact your local telephone company.
For instructions on how to set the telephone line type, see Connecting the Telephone Line.

Is Your Machine in the Fax Mode?

Select <Fax> to show the fax standby display.

Is the Document Loaded Correctly?

Make sure the originals are correctly loaded. (See Placing Documents.)

Is the Specified Destination Registered Correctly?

Check that the Address Book settings are registered correctly. (See Registering/Editing/Deleting Destinations in the Address Book.)

Did You Dial the Correct Number?

Check that you have the correct number.

Is the Machine in the Sleep Mode?

The machine does not scan originals if it is in the Sleep mode. To take the machine out of the Sleep mode, press on the operation panel.

Is the Recipient's Machine Out of Paper?

Ask the recipient to make sure paper is loaded in the machine.

Are there other Documents being Sent from Memory?

Allow time for the documents to finish sending.

Has an Error Occurred During Transmission?

    Check the display for an error message.Print a Fax TX Result Report and check for an error. (See Printing Reports and Lists.)

Is the Telephone Cable Connected Properly?

Make sure the cable is connected properly. (See Connecting the Telephone Line.)

Is the Telephone Line Working Properly?

Make sure there is a dial tone when you press <Hook> or when you lift the handset of any external telephone connected to the machine. If there is no dial tone, contact your local telephone company.

Is the Recipient's Machine a G3 Fax Machine?

Make sure the recipient's machine is compatible with your machine.

Is an Error Code #018 Shown on the TX Result Report?

The fax number you dialed is busy. Try sending the document later.

Did the Recipient's Machine Answer within 35 Seconds (After All Automatic Redialing Attempts)?

Ask the recipient to check the fax machine. When sending the fax overseas, insert pauses in the fax number.

Is the Data Indicator Blinking?

The external phone is busy. Please wait until the external phone becomes free.

Is the Machine Overheated?

Unplug the machine and let it cool for about 5 minutes. Then plug in the machine and try sending again.

Is a Fax Sent Using an Optical Fiber Line?

When using an optical fiber line or IP phone line, the machine may not work correctly depending on the connection environment or connected devices. In such a case, contact the provider of the optical fiber line or IP phone.



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