Setting the IP Address (IP v. 4)

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Setting the IP Address (IP v. 4)


The machine's IPv4 address can be either assigned automatically by a dynamic IP addressing protocol, such as DHCP, or entered manually. When connecting the machine to a wired LAN, make sure that the connectors of the LAN cable are firmly inserted into the ports. You can test the network connection if necessary.

Setting IPv4 Address

1. Select <Menu> in the Home screen.

2. Select <Preferences> <Network>.
  • If the login screen appears, enter the correct ID and PIN.

3. Select <TCP/IP Settings> <IPv4 Settings> <IP Address Settings>.

4. Configure IP address settings.
<Auto Acquire>
Select to automatically assign an IP address via DHCP protocol. When <On> is displayed, automatic addressing is enabled.
<Manually Acquire>
Select to configure the IP address settings by manually entering an IP address. In order to select this option, the automatic acquirement must be set to <Off>.
<Check Settings>
Select when you want to view the current IP address settings.

Automatically assigning an IP address
4-A-1. Select <Auto Acquire>.

4-A-2. Select the protocol.
Touch panel model
  • Select <On> in <Auto Acquire>, and select <Select Protocol> <DHCP>.
Black and white LCD model
  • Select <Select Protocol> <DHCP>.
If you do not want to use DHCP/BOOTP/RARP to assign an IP address
  • Select <Off>. If you select <DHCP> when these services are unavailable, the machine will waste time and communications resources searching the network for these services.

4-A-3. Check that <Auto IP> is set to <On>.
  • If <Off> is selected, change the setting to <On>.

4-A-4. Select <Apply>.
  • IP addresses assigned via DHCP override the address obtained via Auto IP.

Manually entering an IP address
4-B-1. Configure a setting to disable auto-acquisition.
Touch panel model
  • Select <Auto Acquire>, and select <Off> in <Auto Acquire> <Apply>.
Black and white LCD model
  • Select <Auto Acquire>, and set both <Select Protocol> and <Auto IP> to <Off>.

4-B-2. Select <Manually Acquire>.

4-B-3. Specify the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address (or default gateway).
Touch panel model
  • Enter <IP Address>, <Subnet Mask>, and <Gateway Address>, and select <Apply>.
Black and white LCD model
  • Enter these values in each screen using the numeric keys, and press .

5. Restart the machine.
  • Turn OFF the machine, wait for at least 10 seconds, and turn it back ON.
Checking whether the settings are correct
  • Make sure that the Remote UI screen can be displayed with your computer. If a computer is not available, you can check the connection by using the operation panel.
When you have changed the IP address after installing the printer driver
  • You need to add a new port.

Testing the Network Connection

1. Select <Menu> in the Home screen.

2. Select <Preferences> <Network>.
  • If the login screen appears, enter the correct ID and PIN.

3. Select <TCP/IP Settings> <IPv4 Settings> <PING Command>.

4. Enter the IPv4 address of another device on the network, and press <Apply> ().
If a proper connection has been established, <Received response from the host.> is displayed.

Setting IP v. 6



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