Replace Ink Tank - MAXIFY MB2720

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Learn how to replace ink tanks on your MAXIFY MB2720.


If you get a message on the touch screen about low ink levels, prepare to replace the ink tank(s). 

Note If the print is faint or has streaks, and you know there is ink in the tank, visit maintenance procedures.

Before you start, there are a few things to know about ink.

Caution Cautions

  • Install replacement ink tanks right away. Don't leave the machine with tanks missing.

  • Handle ink tanks carefully. Don't drop them or press hard on them.

  • Don't touch metallic parts or other areas inside the machine. It may damage the machine and ink residue may stain your clothes or the surrounding area.

  • If the front cover is open for more than 60 minutes, the print head holder will move to the right. If this happens, close the front cover and open it again.

  • Follow local regulations when discarding used tanks.

Replace ink tanks

When needed, replace ink tanks as follows:

  1. Turn on the machine and open the front cover. The tanks due for replacement display on the touch screen. The print head holder (A) moves to replacement position.
    Note Installed ink tanks can't be removed until a replacement message appears.

    Caution  Don't touch the print head holder until it stops. If a warning about ink tank replacement appears, check the message and tap OK.

    Front cover open with print holder (A) in replacement position (in the center of the panel)
  2. Once the ink tank for replacement is identified on the touch screen, push up the ink tank eject lever (B).

    Figure shows pushing up on lever (B)
  3. Remove the ink tank from the package. Don't touch the contact (C) or interface (D) of the ink tank.

    Protective strip being removed from tank

    Don't touch areas of ink tank shown

  4. Insert the new ink tank and align it with the installation guide (E) on the machine.

    Ink tank on far left shown aligned to ink tanks to the right

    Caution The ink tank won't fit in an incorrect guide slot. Match the label under the installation guide with the ink tank, and then install the ink tank in the correct guide slot.

    Match the label under the installation guide with the ink tank

  5. Push the ink tank in firmly until it clicks into place.

    Pushing on ink tank until it snaps into position

  6. Tap Exit on the touch screen. If Next displays, another ink tank can be replaced. Tap Next and start back at Step 2.
    Note Printing isn't possible without a complete set of ink tanks installed.

  7. To exit ink tank replacement, tap Next until Exit displays.

  8. The print head holder moves to the standby position. Ink tanks can't be removed from this position.

    print head moved to far left, in standby position
  9. Close the front cover.

    Closing front cover shown
  10. After tanks are replaced, the machine starts mixing the ink automatically. Wait until mixing has stopped (about 1–2 minutes).

After installation

  • Respond to any error message as needed.

  • If the print head is out of alignment, (for instance, when straight lines appear jagged or crooked), align the print head. The machine may perform maintenance functions during this operation.

About ink

  • Replace used tanks with new ones. Used tanks may clog the nozzles and won't tell you when it's time for a replacement.

  • Once an ink tank is removed, the printer won't operate until a new one is installed - even if you try to re-install the old tank.

  • Install the new tank right after you remove the packaging. Otherwise, the tank will dry out and won't work correctly.

  • Use ink tanks within six months after you install them.

  • All ink colors are consumed during print head cleaning.

  • Color ink may be consumed even when printing in black-and-white.

  • Learn more about how ink is consumed.

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