Shooting the subject at the largest zoom factor (PowerShot SX730 HS)

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Shooting the subject at the largest zoom factor (PowerShot SX730 HS)



If you cannot shoot the subject up close with the optical zoom, please consider the following.
  • The instructions in this section apply to a camera with the [Shooting Mode] set to [AUTO].
  • In some [Shooting modes] it may not be possible to configure the [Digital zoom] setting.
[ : Creative Shot ] , [ : Self Portrait ] , [ : Smooth Skin ] , [ : Andheld Night Scene ] , [ : Low Light ] , [ : Monochrome ] , [ : Soft Focus ] , [ : Fish-Eye Effect ] , [ : Toy Camera Effect ] , [ : Miniature Effect ] , [ : Super Vivid ] , [ : Poster Effect ] , [ : Shooting Short Clip ]


Using Digital Zoom

When distant subjects are too far away to enlarge using the optical zoom, use digital zoom for up to about 160x enlargement.



1. Press the [MENU] button, select the [ ] tab and set [Digital Zoom] to [On].



2. Move the zoom lever toward [ ] and hold it until zooming stops.
  • Zooming stops at the largest possible zoom factor (before the image becomes noticeably grainy), which is then indicated on the screen.



3. Move the zoom lever toward [ ] again.
  • The camera zooms in even closer on the subject.
  • is the current zoom factor.

  • Moving the zoom lever will display the zoom bar (which indicates the zoom position). The zoom bar is color-coded to indicate the zoom range.
- White range: optical zoom range where the image will not appear grainy.
- Yellow range: digital zoom range where the image is not noticeably grainy (ZoomPlus).
- Blue range: digital zoom range where the image will appear
  • Because the blue range will not be available at some recording pixel settings, the maximum zoom factor can be achieved by following step 2.
  • The focal length that combines the optical zoom and the digital zoom is 24 - 3840 mm (35 mm film equivalent). (The focal length for the optical zoom is 24 - 960 mm.)
  • To deactivate digital zoom, choose [MENU] -> [Shooting] tab () -> [Digital Zoom] -> [Off].


Using ZoomPlus

Depending on the resolution settings and the digital zoom factor, the [Zoom Bar] will be displayed in yellow ( : ZoomPlus).

  • In order to avoid image deterioration when shooting with [Digital Zoom], shoot within the range of ZoomPlus.


Digital Tele-Converter

With the digital tele-converter, the focal length of the lens can be increased by approximately 1.6x or 2.0x. This can reduce camera shake because the shutter speed is faster than it would be if you zoomed in (including using digital zoom) to the same zoom factor.
  • The shooting modes in which the digital zoom can be set are shown in the table below.
[ ] , [ ] , [ ] , [ ]



1. Press the [MENU] button, choose the [ ] tab, and then set [Digital Zoom] to either [1.6x] or [2.0x].

  • The digital tele-converter cannot be used with digital zoom or point zoom.
  • The focal length for a 1.6x increase or a 2.0x increase is 38.4 - 1536.0 mm and 48.0 - 1920.0 mm respectively (35 mm film equivalent).
  • The shutter speed may be equivalent when you move the zoom lever all the way toward [ ] for maximum telephoto, and when you zoom in with [Digital Zoom] to enlarge the subject to the same size.




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