Can RAW images be processed, edited, or printed? ( EOS 6D Mark II )

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Can RAW images be processed, edited, or printed? ( EOS 6D Mark II )


RAW images captured with this camera model can be processed, edited, or printed with Digital Photo Professional software (EOS software)*.
* Please make sure to install the latest version of the Digital Photo Professional software before processing or editing images. (The latest version of the software can be downloaded from the Canon homepage.)

When editing a RAW image that you have shot, you can do two things depending on the content: use the camera or use software after downloading the image to a computer.
See the table below for the main operations for editing RAW images.

Editing ContentCameraSoftware
Converting from a RAW image to a JPEG imagePossible
*  and  images cannot be processed with the camera.
Possible with Digital Photo Professional
Trimming imagesNot possiblePossible with Digital Photo Professional
Applying a creative filter to the imageNot possibleNot possible
Saving multiple edited images using various methodsNot possiblePossible with Digital Photo Professional
Printing an ImageYou can send images from the camera via Wi-Fi to a PictBridge-compatible (Wireless LAN) printer and print the images (direct printing).Possible with Digital Photo Professional

When trimming a RAW image, download the image to a computer, then use software, such as Digital Photo Professional. You cannot trim images or save the results as a different image on the camera.

RAW Images Cannot Be Opened on a Computer Composition of the Supplied Software (EOS 6D Mark II)



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