Printing via AirPrint (Mac)

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Printing via AirPrint (Mac)



You can print photographs, E-mails, web pages, and other documents using AirPrint, even if the printer driver is not installed or the application is not downloaded.


Print with AirPrint from a Mac

  1. Check that printer power is on


    • If Auto power on is enabled, printer automatically turns itself on when receiving a print job.
  2. Load paper into the printer.

  3. Start printing from your application.
    The Print dialog opens.

  4. Select your printer.
    Select your model from the Printer list in the Print dialog.



    • Click Show Details to switch the setup window to the detailed display.
  5. Check your print settings.
    Set items such as Paper Size to the appropriate size, as well as Feed from and Media Type from Media & Quality of the pop-up menu.


    • An error may occur if the paper size/type set in the print dialog is different from the paper size/type set on the printer. Select the correct items on the print dialog and the printer that correspond to the paper being printed.
    • If printing in A4, A5, JIS B5, or US Letter, set the desired feed position (Main Tray or Rear Tray) from Feed from of the print dialog. If Auto Select is selected in Feed from, the feed position differs depending on Media Type. If Media Type is set to plain paper, it is fed from the cassette (main tray). If set to other types of paper, it is fed from the rear tray.
    • If printing paper such as photo paper that cannot be printed on both sides, uncheck the Two-Sided checkbox.


    • Use the Print dialog to set general print settings such as the layout and the print sequence.
      For information about print settings, refer to Mac OS help.
  6. Click Print.
    When you execute printing, the printer prints according to the specified settings.


  • It can take the wireless LAN a few minutes to get connected after the printer turns on. Print after checking that the printer is connected to the network.
  • You cannot use AirPrint if Bonjour settings of printer are disabled. Check LAN settings of printer and enable Bonjour settings.
  • The display of the settings screen may differ depending on the application software you are using.

Printing of Envelopes

For printing on the envelope from Mac with AirPrint, refer to the following.

Print result image Orientation of print data Orientation of loading envelope

The print data is rotated by 180 degrees against the print result image.

Load the envelope in vertically with the address side facing up so that the folded flap of the envelope will be faced down on the right side.

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