What Can I Do Using the Wireless LAN Functions? (EOS M100)

Article ID: ART168430 | Date published: 09/06/2017 | Date last updated: 09/11/2018


What Can I Do Using the Wireless LAN Functions? (EOS M100)


You can send and receive images and control the camera remotely by connecting it to these devices and services via Wi-Fi.
Smartphones and TabletsSend images to smartphones and tablet computers that have Wi-Fi functions. Remote live view shooting is also possible from a smartphone or tablet.
Connect Station CS100A media hub for storing camera images, viewing on a connected TV, printing wirelessly on a Wi-Fi-compatible printer, sharing over the Internet, and more.
Other CamerasSend and receive images wirelessly between Wi-Fi-compatible Canon cameras.
PrintersPrint images wirelessly on a PictBridge-compatible printer (supporting DPS over IP).
Media PlayersView images on DLNA*-compatible TVs or other devices.
Web ServicesAdd your account information to the camera for CANON iMAGE GATEWAY online photo service or other Web services to send camera images to the services. Unsent images on the camera can also be sent to a computer or Web service via CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.
* Digital Living Network Alliance



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