Shooting Yourself Under Optimal Settings (Self Portrait) (EOS M100)

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Shooting Yourself Under Optimal Settings (Self Portrait) (EOS M100)


For self-portraits, customizable image processing includes skin smoothing as well as brightness and background adjustment to make yourself stand out.

1. Press the power button to turn the camera on.

2. Set the mode dial to .

3. Open the screen.

4. Touch [ ].

5. Set up the camera.
  • Touch an item.

  • The following settings are available in [ ] mode.
Choose from or one of five levels of background defocusing.
Choose from five levels of brightness.
Choose from five levels of skin smoothing. Skin smoothing is optimized for the main subject’s face.
To use touch shutter, choose .

  • Adjust the setting's level.
  • To return to the previous screen, touch [ ].

6. Shoot.
  • Areas other than people’s skin may be modified, depending on the shooting conditions.
  • Try taking some test shots first to make sure you obtain the desired results.
  • [ ] setting details in [ ] mode are not applied in [ ] mode.
  • In [ ] flash mode, [ ] is set to [ ] and cannot be changed.
  • In [ ] mode, the time left before shooting is shown on the top of the screen when you activate the self-timer by selecting [ ], or by selecting [ ] and setting the time to 3 seconds or more.



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