The Lens’ Image Stabilizer Cannot Be Set (EOS M100)

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The Lens’ Image Stabilizer Cannot Be Set (EOS M100)


The menu item [IS Mode] is not displayed in the following cases:
・When EF or EF-S lens is attached;
・When EF-M lens with no Image Stabilizer function is attached.
Also, even in EF-M lenses with Image Stabilizer function, when set to the [ ] [ ] [ ] modes, [IS Mode] is not displayed.
Lenses with built-in image stabilization are named with "IS". IS stands for Image Stabilizer.

EF-M Lens

For non-IS EF-M lenses, the [IS Mode] menu option will not be displayed.

Configure image stabilization via the camera menu when using an EF-M lens with image stabilization.
At the time of purchase, camera's [IS Mode] is set to [Continuous].

1. Press the power button to turn the camera on.

2. Press the button to display the menu.

3. Press the / buttons or turn the dial to choose the [ 4 ] tab.
Press the / buttons to select [IS Settings], and then press the button.

4. Press the / buttons to choose [IS Mode], then press the button.

5. Press the / buttons to choose an option, and then press the button.

ContinuousCorrects camera movement or camera shake using built-in image stabilization performed by the lens.
OffDeactivates image stabilization.

6. To return to the previous screen during configuration, press the button.
If image stabilization cannot prevent camera shake, mount the camera on a tripod or take other measures to hold it still. Additionally, you should set [IS Mode] to [Off] when using a tripod or other means to secure the camera.

EF or EF-S Lenses

[IS Mode] is not displayed for lenses other than EF-M lenses. Use the image stabilization switch on the lens instead.

The Image Stabilizer will operate when the lens’ [STABILIZER] (Image Stabilizer switch) is set to [ON], as shown in the image below.
Non-IS EF lenses do not include a [STABILIZER] (Image Stabilizer switch).



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