Manually clean camera image sensor - EOS 7D Mark II
Article ID: ART168474 | Date published: 09/19/2017 | Date last updated: 10/02/2017


Learn how to manually clean the image sensor on your EOS 7D Mark II camera.


Before you begin

First try the automatic sensor cleaning fuction on your camera, but if that does not remove all the dirt or dust on the image sensor (CMOS), or if your camera does not have that function, you can manually clean the sensor following the steps in this article using a commercially available blower.
Important - The surface of the image sensor is extremely delicate. Clean the sensor with care. If the sensor needs to be cleaned directly, we recommend that you contact a Canon Service Center.

Keep power on during cleaning

  • We recommend using an AC Adapter Kit ACK- E6 (sold separately) during the cleaning process.
  • If you use a battery, make sure it is fully charged. If the Battery Grip BG-E16 (sold separately) with size-AA/LR6 batteries is attached, manual sensor cleaning will not be possible.

Steps for manual sensor cleaning

  1. Detach the lens.
  2. Set the power switch to ON.
  3. Press the MENU button to bring up the menu display.
    figure showing back of camera and the location MENU button in the upper left
  4. Under the Set-up tab , select Sensor cleaning, then press SET .
    display showing the set up tab
  5. Use the up arrowdown arrowarrow buttons to scroll to Clean manually, then press SET .
    sensor cleaning menu showing 'Clean manually' selected
  6. Select OK, then press SET .
    'Clean manually' confirmation screen
  7. The reflex mirror will lockup, and the shutter will open. CLn will blink on the LCD panel.
  8. Using a commercially available blower, blow dust that is stuck to the surface. Do not touch the sensor with the blower.
    diagram demostrating blower position with camera lens removed
    Caution: Use a plain blower without any brush attached. A brush can scratch the sensor.
    Never use canned air or gas to clean the sensor. The blowing force can damage the sensor or the spray gas can freeze on the sensor.
  9. After cleaning, set the power switch to OFF.

Good to know

To avoid damaging the shutter curtains and the image sensor during cleaning:

  • Do not set the power switch to OFF.
  • Do not open the battery compartment cover.
  • Do not open the card slot cover.
  • Do not insert the blower tip inside the camera beyond the lens mount.

Additional precautions

  • If the battery level becomes low while you clean the sensor, the beeper will sound as a warning. Stop cleaning the sensor.
  • If a smudge that cannot be removed with a blower remains, we recommend getting the sensor cleaned by a Canon Service Center.