Clean camera image sensor automatically - EOS 7D Mark II
Article ID: ART168475 | Date published: 09/19/2017 | Date last updated: 10/02/2017


Learn how to use the automatic sensor cleaning function for your EOS 7D Mark II camera.


Self-cleaning sensor

Whenever you turn the power to your EOS 7D Mark II ON or OFF, the Self Cleaning Sensor Unit is activated to automatically shake off the dust on the front of the sensor (CMOS). Normally, you need not pay attention to this operation.

Steps for automatic sensor cleaning

  1. Set the power to ON.
  2. Press the MENU button to bring up the menu display.
    figure showing back of camera with menu button in the upper left
  3. Under the Set-up tab , select Sensor cleaning, then press SET .
    screen shot of set-up tab with sensor cleaning selected
  4. Select Clean now, then press SET .
    screen shot of 'sensor cleaning' screen with 'clean now' selected
  5. Select OK, then press SET .
    image of the 'clean now' confirmation screen
  6. The screen will indicate that the sensor is being cleaned. Although there will be a shutter sound, a picture is not taken.


Good to know

  • For best results, perform the sensor cleaning while the camera is placed upright on a table or other flat surface.
  • After sensor cleaning is complete, the Clean now option will be temporarily unavailable. Repeated sensor cleaning is unlikely to improve the result.

The sensor is still not clean

If dirt or dust remains, you can: