Remove Paper Jammed Behind the Paper Tray - PIXMA MX722 / MX922

Article ID: ART168508 | Date published: 09/21/2017 | Date last updated: 01/21/2020


Learn how to take out your printer's paper trays to remove any jammed paper from the printer.


Follow these steps to remove a paper jam:

  1. Remove the upper cassette first.

    Remove upper cassette

  2. Next, remove the lower cassette.

    Remove lower cassette

  3. Look for any stuck paper and gently pull it out.

    Remove stuck paper

  4. Reinsert the cassettes.

  5. Turn off the machine and turn it back on.

  6. Attempt to print again.

If the paper jam has been successfully removed and the error message continues to occur, this may indicate an internal hardware issue.

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