Sending Images to a Smartphone

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Sending Images to a Smartphone


Sending Images to a Smartphone
There are several ways to connect the camera to a smartphone and send images
  • Connect via Bluetooth   You can easily connect the camera to a Bluetooth enabled smartphone by pairing them. This simplifies transferring images to a smartphone.
  • Connect via NFC   Simply touch an NFC-compatible Android smartphone against the camera to connect the devices.
  • Connect via the Wi-Fi menu   You can connect the camera to a smartphone as you would connect it to a computer or other device. Multiple smartphones can be added.
Before connecting to the camera, you must install the free dedicated Camera Connect app on the smartphone For details on this application (supported smartphones and included functions), refer to 
the Canon website.
  • Canon Wi-Fi-compatible camera owners wish use CameraWindow to connect their camera via Wi-Fi to a smartphone should consider switching to the Camera Connect mobile app.

Transferring Images to a Bluetooth Enabled
Once you have paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, simply operate your smartphone to view and save camera images
1  Install Camera Connect.
  • For Android smartphone’s find Camera Connect in Google Play and download and install the app.
  • For an iPhone or iPad, find Camera Connect in the App Store and download and install the app.
2 Register a nickname.
  • Press the power button.
  • Press the MENU button, choose [Wireless settings) on the tab, and then choose [Nickname].
  • Press the button to access the keyboard, and then enter a nickname.
  • To return to [Wireless settings] after pressing the MENU button, press the MENU button again

Prepare for pairing.

  • Choose [Bluetooth settings], press the buttons or turn the dial to choose [Pairing], and then press the button.
  • A screen is displayed indicating that the camera is waiting to connect.
Start Camera Connect.
  • Activate Bluetooth on the smartphone, and then start Camera Connect on the smartphone.
  • After the camera is recognized, a camera selection screen is displayed.
5 Select the camera to connect to.
  • Choose the camera nickname.
  • Complete the pairing process for the smartphone.
6 Complete pairing.
  • Press the buttons or turn the dial to choose [OK] after the confirmation message on the camera, and then press the  button.
  • Press the button when the screen at left is displayed.

7 Transfer images.
  • The camera will automatically switch to Wi-Fi if you choose [Images on camera] in Camera Connect.
  • On an iPhone or iPad, in the device's Wi-Fi setting menu, choose the SSID (network name) displayed on the camera to establish a connection.
  • Use the smartphone to transfer images from the camera to the smartphone.
  • To switch to Bluetooth, disable the Wi-Fi connection on the smartphone.
  •  Battery life may be shorter when you use the camera after pairing, because power is consumed even when the camera is off.
  • Before bringing the camera to places where the use of electronic devices is restricted, set [Bluetooth)to [Off], to avoid having the camera ready for Bluetooth communication even when it is off.


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