Entering the fax sender information - MX922

Article ID: ART168618 | Date published: 10/11/2017 | Date last updated: 06/16/2023


Learn how to set the sender information on your PIXMA MX922 printer / fax. You can enter such as date/time, the name of your printer / fax, and your fax number.


About sender information

If you input the unit name and unit fax number, this information will be printed on the received fax along with the date and time.

  1. Date and time of transmission
  2. Unit fax number
  3. Unit name - the name you give your printer / fax.
  4. The fax recipient's name - printed when sending faxes with numbers entered into speed dial.
  5. Page number

Instructions for setting user information

Refer to these articles for instructions on how to:

Good to know

  • You can print the User's data list to confirm the sender information you have registered.
  • When sending faxes in black & white, you can select whether to print the sender information inside or outside the image area.


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