Receive a fax with your MX922 printer
Article ID: ART168619 | Date published: 10/11/2017 | Date last updated: 03/06/2019


Learn how to receive faxes with your PIXMA MX922 printer, including printer preparation, settings, and instructions for each receive mode.


Before you begin

Preparing for receiving a fax

Make sure the power is turned on, and you've loaded paper into the tray.

Steps for receiving a Fax

How you receive a fax depends on the receive mode, either TEL priority or Fax only. To see what mode is set, press the FAX button and look in the upper left corner of the fax standby screen.

TEL priority mode

  1. When your phone rings, answer it to determine whether you're receiving a voice call or an incoming fax.
  2. If you hear a fax tone, wait five seconds after it stops, then hang up the handset. The printer / fax will receive the fax.
    Note: If the printer doesn't start receiving your fax, press the FAX button, then the Color or Black button to receive the fax.


FAX only mode

When the call is a fax, the fax will automatically be received.
Note: If a telephone is connected to the printer, the telephone will ring.
You can change the number of times to ring the telephone. Learn more about Fax only mode > Incoming ring in Understand advanced fax settings: Receive Mode.

Good to know

Automatic fax detection
You may be able to set your printer to automatically detect the difference between an incoming fax and voice call. With Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD), the printer uses the ring pattern to detect the fax.
Notes about Tel Priority mode
Refer to Understand advanced fax settings: Receive Mode to get more details about changing the settings discussed below.
  • To receive a fax without first picking up the handset, you can set Manual/auto switch in Advanced settings to ON.
  • The RX start time setting determines the number of seconds until the printer switches to fax reception. You must answer an incoming call by picking up the handset within the time. Otherwise the machine will switch to fax reception.
  • Turning on Remote RX allows you to initiate fax reception from a connected telephone by entering a two-digit code.
  • If the printer / fax unexpectedly switches to fax reception during telephone calls, set User-friendly reception in Advanced settings to OFF.

Using a connected answering machine
If an answering machine is connected to the printer / fax and set to answer voice calls:
  • Set User-friendly reception in Advanced settings to ON. If the call is a fax, the printer will receive the fax automatically.
  • If Manual/auto switch in Advanced settings is set to ON, set RX start time to longer than the time before the answering machine starts playing the answering message. Test that this works by calling your own number and leaving a message.
  • Set your answering machine to answering mode and adjust it as follows:
    • The entire message should be no longer than 15 seconds.
    • In the message, tell your callers how to send a fax.

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