Crop or make angle adjustments using Digital Photo Professional Ver. 4.x

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Learn how you can use Digital Photo Professional version 4.x to crop images and make angle adjustments to improve the look of images after they are captured.


You can crop only the part of an image you need, or change the composition of an image where an image shot horizontally becomes vertical using the trimming tool in Digital Photo Professional version 4.x. You can also adjust the angle of an image before cropping. RAW images become cropped when converted to a JPEG or TIFF and saved.

Cropping an image

  1. Start Digital Photo Professional version 4.x, and then select the image to be trimmed.
  2. Select [Tool Palate] from the [View] menu on the toolbar to display the [Tool palate].
  3. Click the [  ] tab on the [Tool palate] to display the trimming/angle adjustment window. You cannot make adjustments with the Trimming/Angle Adjustment tool palette in a window that only shows thumbnails.
  4. Adjust the angle of the image as needed.
    • Perform lens aberration correction before adjusting the angle of the image.
    • The adjustment angle can move in 0.01-degree increments and between -45 to +45 degrees.
    • If you click  on the tool palate after adjusting the angle of the image, the image will be trimmed at the largest possible trimming range.
    Image angle adjustment

Selecting an aspect ratio and trimming range

  1. Select an aspect ratio  .
    • [Free]: You can crop an image to any size, regardless of the selectable ratio.
    • [Custom]: You can crop an image at the specified ratio.
  2. Drag the trimming range to select the desired area . The trimming range can be moved by dragging. You can enlarge or reduce the size of the trimming range by dragging the four corners of the trimming range.
    Image aspect ratio and trimming range
  3. Click  on the tool palate to perform image cropping. Then, return to the main window and a preview of the cropped image is displayed. The preview can also be printed from here. Click [  ] to return to the original or convert the trimmed image into a JPEG or TIFF image and save it.
  4. Select the [File] menu -> [Convert and save].
  5. The [Convert and save] window appears. Specify the necessary settings, and then click [Save].

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