How to install the software on a Windows PC from the Setup & Manual site or the Setup CD-ROM (Wireless LAN connection) - MG6800 Series / MG7720

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This article explains how you can download and install the software for your PIXMA MG6800 Series / MG7720 using the setup and manual site.



Before installing the software

Your printer must be connected to a wireless network before installing the software.  For instructions on connecting your printer to the wireless network using the standard setup method, please click here.

  • Quit all applications before installation.
  • Log on using an administrator account.
  • Internet connection may be required during the installation. Connection fees apply.


  1. Insert the CD-ROM into the computer.

If your computer does not have a CD-ROM drive or you do not have the Setup CD, follow the steps given below.
  • Visit
  • Click Set Up.
  • Either type in the model name of your printer and click Go, or click the first two letters shown under First Letters. Then, scroll down and click on the model name of your printer.
  • Select the region where your printer was purchased.
  • On the next page, make sure that Windows is selected in the drop down menu at the upper right corner.  If it is not, select it.  Then, click Download. The setup file will be downloaded.

  • Double-click the downloaded .exe file.
The setup will start automatically. Go to Step 3 and follow the instructions.


  1. Click [ Run Msetup4.exe ] on the AutoPlay screen, then click [ Yes ] or [ Continue ] on the User Account Control dialog box.
    If the User Account Control dialog box reappears in following steps, click [ Yes ] or [ Continue ].

If the CD-ROM does not autorun:
Double-click [ (My) Computer ] > CDROM icon > [ MSETUP4.EXE. ]


  1. Click Start Setup.

  • If you use the Setup CD-ROM, you will have an option to use updated software found on the internet.  If this box is checked, the installer will use your internet connection to download and install the latest software.  If this box is not checked, the installer will use the drivers and software contained on the CD-ROM.
  • If you are asked to install the .NET Framework, click Yes.

The installer will acquire information on the latest available drivers and software for your printer.  This may take a few minutes.


  1. You will be asked to select your region.  Select your region and country and click Next.

  2. Read through the license agreement and click Yes to proceed.  If you click No, the installation will not continue.

  3. A screen regarding the Extended Survey Program will appear.  Read through the information, then click Agree to participate, or Do not agree if you do not want to participate.  Please note that this is voluntary, and if you do not participate, the functionality of the drivers and software will not be affected.

  4. You will be prompted to allow all install wizard processes.  Click Next.

  5. On the Select Connection Method screen, select Wireless LAN Connection and click Next.

  • Wired LAN Connection is only available on the PIXMA MG7720.  If you are working with a PIXMA MG6800 Series machine, this option will not appear.
  1. On the Select the wireless LAN connection method screen, select Connect via wireless router (recommended) and click Next.

  2. Make sure that the printer is turned on.  Then, click Next.

    The installer will search for your printer on the network.

  3. A list of printers found on the network will appear.  Place a check in the box next to the listing for your printer.  Then, click Next.

    The drivers will be downloaded and installed.

    After the drivers have been installed, the installer will process for a few moments.

  4. The Test Print screen will appear.  If you wish to print a test page to confirm the printer's functionality, click Execute.  Otherwise, click Next to proceed.

  5. On the Setup Complete screen, click Next to proceed.  If you click Exit, applications for your printer will not be installed.

  6. The Software Installation List will be displayed.  Here, you can choose what applications for your printer you would like to install.  Place a check in the box for each application you want to install.  If you place a check in a box for a program and you do not want to install it, click on the box again and the check will be removed.  Click Defaults to install the default set of software.  Click Clear All to remove all checkmarks.  Click Next to proceed with the installation of the selected software.

    The selected software will be downloaded and installed.  The time required for this process to complete will vary depending on your computer's speed as well as your internet connection speed.

  7. After the software has been installed, the User Registration screen will appear.  If you would like to register your printer with Canon, click Next.  If not, click Skip.  Note that registration is optional and does not affect the functionality of the printer driver or software.

  8. The installation of the software has completed successfully.  Click Exit to close the installer.

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