Set exposure compensation - EOS 7D Mark II
Article ID: ART168627 | Date published: 10/12/2017 | Date last updated: 10/31/2017


Learn how to set exposure compensation on your EOS 7D Mark II camera to adjust the exposure measured by the internal light meter and correct image brightness. 


Setting exposure compensation

  1. Switch the camera power switch to <ON>.
    Camera power switch
  2. Set the Mode Dial to < P / Tv / Av >.
    Camera mode dial
  3.  Press the shutter button halfway to confirm the exposure level.
    Exposure compensation level on the LCD
  4. While looking at the viewfinder or LCD panel, turn the <> dial to adjust the amount of exposure compensation.Exposure compensation image result example
    •  Standard
    •  Decreased exposure for a darker image
    •  Increased exposure for a brighter image
  5. If the exposure level cannot be set, slide the <> switch, and then turn the <> dial.
    Lock slide
    Rotary dial
  6. Shoot the image.
  7. To cancel exposure compensation, set the exposure level indicator <> to the standard exposure index (<>).

Good to know

  • If [: Auto Lighting Optimizer] is set to anything other than [Disable], the image may still look bright even if you decreased exposure compensation for a darker image.
  • The exposure compensation amount remains in effect even after you set the power switch to <OFF>.
  • After setting the exposure compensation amount, you can prevent the exposure compensation amount from changing accidentally by setting the <> switch to the right.
  • If the exposure compensation amount exceeds ±3 stops, the end of the exposure level indicator displays <> or <>.