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Learn about the different auto focus cases and settings available on the Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera when shooting in AI Servo mode in this video.


In AI Servo mode, the Auto Focus (AF) system can keep the auto focus point on a moving target in the frame.

Video - Auto Focus Cases in AI Servo mode

Auto focus cases (presets)

Your EOS 7D Mark II auto focus system comes with six preset cases that you can use.
  • Case 1 -  Versatile multipurpose
  • Case 2 -  Continue to track subjects, ignoring obstacles
  • Case 3 -  Instantly focus on subjects suddenly entering AF points
  • Case 4 -  For subjects that accelerate or decelerate quickly
  • Case 5 -  For erratic subjects moving quickly in any direction
  • Case 6 -  For subjects that change speed and move erratically
Note: Each of these can be further fine-tuned by adjusting the parameters manually (see below).

Understand AF Parameters

The AI Servo mode contains three adjustable parameters that affect how the AF system behaves:

Tracking sensitivity
Determines how quickly the camera will focus on a new subject.
  • Locked on - stays focused on moving subject even if the subject moves quickly.
  • Responsive - acquires a new subject that enters the frame.

Acceleration / deceleration tracking
Accounts for subjects moving at a constant (0) or erratic pace (setting 1 or 2).

AF point auto-switching
Determines how fast the auto focus points switch from one point to another when tracking a subject. 
  • Only works with more than one focus point (Zone AF or all 65 AF).
  • Setting 1 or 2 may cause the camera to select unwanted auto focus points.

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