Troubleshoot camera not detecting an inserted memory card

Article ID: ART168682 | Date published: 10/18/2017 | Date last updated: 02/20/2019


Learn what you can do when your camera does not detect a memory card you've inserted.


Things to check

  • Make sure the memory card is inserted correctly.
  • Remove the memory card, check the contacts for debris, and reinsert the memory card.
  • Switch the camera off and then back on.
  • Try a different memory card. If it works, the original card may be damaged. If the second card doesn't work, the camera may have an issue.

Good to know

  • Check the product information for your camera to learn about which memory cards are compatible. Search our support site for more details.
  • Remember that reformatting a memory card erases all data from that card. Make sure you transfer anything you want to keep before reformatting.

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