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This article contains information on the Message in Print app.



Message in Print is an app which allows embedded messages to appear on the screen by holding your mobile device over a photo.
This allows you to share your memories and emotions directly through the app.

Key Features

  • View
    • The recipient can see information embedded in the photo appear on their screen by holding their iPhone over the photo.
  • Print
    • Embed a message or other information into a photo and print it.
  • Enhanced Messages
    • Features animation and background music
  • Video
    • Features a video link. (Internet connection is required)
  • Text & Web Message
    • Displays text, a linked URL or the photo date and location information (Exif)
  • Envelope
    • Print the photo(s) as well as an envelope which has a QR code on it to download the app

Supported Models

G3200   MP495   iP110
G4200   MP499   iP7220
G4210   MP560   iP8720
G5020   MP640    
G6020   MP990   PIXMA iX
MG2900 Series   MX340   PIXMA TR
MG3000 Series   MX350   TR4500 Series
MG3100 Series   MX410   TR7520
MG3200 Series   MX420   TR8520
MG3500 Series   MX430 Series    
MG3620   MX450 Series   PIXMA TS
MG4120   MX470 Series   TS302
MG4220   MX490 Series   TS702
MG5220   MX512   TS3100 Series
MG5320   MX522   TS5020
MG5400 Series   MX532   TS5120
MG5500 Series   MX712   TS6020
MG5600 Series   MX722   TS6120
MG5700 Series   MX870   TS6220
MG6120   MX882   TS8020
MG6220   MX892   TS8120
MG6320   MX922   TS8220
MG6420       TS9020
MG6620       TS9120
MG6800 Series       TS9500 Series

Supported Smartphones

  • iPhone 6 or later running iOS 9 or later
  • Smartphones running Android 5.1 and later

Supported Media Types (Photos)

  • Photo Paper Plus Glossy II
  • Photo Paper Pro II
  • Photo Paper Pro Platinum
  • Photo Paper Pro Luster
  • Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss
  • Glossy Photo Paper
  • Matte Photo Paper
  • Ink Jet Hagaki

Supported Media Types (Envelope Printing)

  • Plain Paper
  • High Resolution Paper

Supported Sizes for Photo Printing

  • 4" x 6"
  • Square 5" x 5"

Supported Sizes for Envelope Printing

  • Letter 8.5""x11"
  • A4

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