View the Camera's Instruction Manual (PDF) and Save it to a Computer.

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Viewing the Camera’s Instruction Manual (PDF) and Saving it to a Computer.



The viewing method and instructions for saving the software's Instruction Manuals (PDF files) to a computer are explained below.
  • In this section, the example procedure is shown in Windows 7. Menu items, screens displayed, and procedures may differ depending on the operating system installed on the computer.
  • The design appearing on the CD-ROM may differ depending on the camera model you use.
  • Software and file names also may differ depending on the model you use.



To view the software Instruction Manuals, copy them to your computer from the [Software INSTRUCTION MANUAL] disk included with the camera.



1. Insert the [Software INSTRUCTION MANUAL] disk into the computer.



2. Double-click the CD-ROM icon.
  •  Click the [Open folder to view files] option in the [AutoPlay] menu, or double click the icon displayed in [(My) Computer].



3. Right click the preferred language and select [Copy].



The following PDF Instruction manual files will be copied to the computer.
  Windows Macintosh
EOS Utility EUx.xW_E_xx EUx.xM_E_xx
Digital Photo Professional DPPx.xW_E_xx DPPx.xM_E_xx
ImageBrowser EX MUx.x_E_xx

*Depending on the software included with your camera, the files may differ.



4. Right click the desktop or a folder of your choice, and select [Paste].



5. Double–click the files inside the folder you copied to open them.

  • Viewing the files requires Adobe Reader (newest version recommended).
  • Adobe Reader is available for free download from the Internet.
  • Software instruction manuals are also available for download from the Canon Website. For more information on how to download, refer to the page containing the download links for the files.
  • The Image Browser EX User Guide is included on the CD-ROM. For a more detailed Image Browser EX instruction manual, check the [Image Browser EX Guide] located inside the application after performing an auto-update of the software.


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