Use the AC power adapter and battery charger overseas

Article ID: ART168793 | Date published: 10/27/2017 | Date last updated: 09/11/2018


Learn how to use the AC power adapter and battery charger overseas.


No need for a voltage transformer

  • The operating voltage of the AC Adapter Kit/Compact Power Adapter/Battery Charger is 100V - 240V and conforms with international standards. You do not need a voltage transformer when traveling abroad.
  • Use a plug converter to match the style used in the locale you visit.

Good to know

  • Voltage may be unstable in some countries and regions, so please exercise caution when using the devices.
  • Do not attach any portable voltage transformer to the battery charger. Doing so can damage the battery charger.
  • Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended.

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