Understand high internal temperature warning during Live View or movie shooting

Article ID: ART168879 | Date published: 11/09/2017 | Date last updated: 09/11/2018


Learn why the high internal temperature warning appears during live view or movie shooting.


Causes of the high temperature warning icon

  • When you use the camera to shoot movies, perform continuous shooting, or use the Live View feature, you are causing the camera to perform many functions at once. These functions generate some heat.
  • If the ambient temperature is also high, the thermometer icon  can appear on the LCD screen.
    Temperature warning icon

Actions to take when the temperature warning icon appears

  • You can continue to shoot, but the image quality of still images may be slightly degraded.
  • The camera shuts off once the internal temperature reaches a certain threshold.
  • If the camera shuts off, it will not allow you to shoot again until the temperature falls below the level where equipment could be damaged.
  • In high ambient temperatures, it is best to keep the camera out of direct sunlight, turned off, and away from heat sources unless you are actively shooting.

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