IJ Scan Utility Lite Settings (General Settings) Dialog

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Scanning settings


Settings (General Settings) Dialog

Click the  (General Settings) tab to display the Settings (General Settings) dialog.

In the Settings (General Settings) dialog, select the model to use, add a model for scanning from the operation panel, set the file size restriction on e-mail attachment, and set the language to detect text in images.

figure: Settings dialog

Displays the name of the Bonjour service that IJ Scan Utility Lite is currently set to use.

If the name of a Bonjour service that is different from the one you want to use is displayed, select the name of the Bonjour service you want to use.


Detects the scanners or printers that can currently be used with IJ Scan Utility Lite.

Scan-from-Operation-Panel Settings

Besides the scanner or printer that IJ Scan Utility Lite is currently set to use, if there is a scanner or printer with which you want to scan from the operation panel, add it in the dialog displayed by clicking this button. Select up to two devices.


  • This function is not available in the following cases.

    • Your model does not support scanning from the operation panel.
    • Your model supports ICA driver (Image Capture Architecture).
E-mail Attachment Size
You can restrict the size of scanned images to be attached to an e-mail.
You can select Small (Suitable for 640 x 480 Windows)Medium (Suitable for 800 x 600 Windows)Large (Suitable for 1024 x 768 Windows), or No Change.
Document Language
You can select the language for detecting text in images and for use with search when a PDF file that supports keyword search is created.
Opens this guide.
You can restore the settings in the displayed screen to the default settings.

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