IJ Scan Utility Lite Save Settings Dialog

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Save Settings Dialog

Select the Check scan results and specify save settings checkbox in Save Settings of the Settings dialog to display the Save Settings dialog after scanning.

You can specify the data format and destination while viewing the thumbnails of scan results.


  • After scanning from My Image Garden the Save Settings dialog does not appear.
figure: Save Settings dialog

(1) Preview Operation Buttons

 /  (Rotate Left 90°)/(Rotate Right 90°)

Rotates scanned images 90 degrees counter-clockwise or clockwise.

Select the image you want to rotate, then click  (Rotate Left 90°) or  (Rotate Right 90°).


  • The preview operation buttons do not appear when the Enable large image scans checkbox is selected in the Settings (Driver) dialog.

(2) Scan Results Area

Displays the thumbnails of the scanned images. You can change the save order of images via drag-and-drop. The file names for saving appear below the thumbnails.

(3) Save Settings Area

File Name

Enter the file name of the image to be saved. When you save a file, the date and four digits are appended to the set file name in the "_20XX0101_0001" format.


  • When you select the Save to a subfolder with current date checkbox, the date and four digits are appended to the set file name.
Save in

Displays the folder in which to save the scanned images. To add a folder, select Add... from the pop-up menu, then click  (Plus) in the displayed dialog and specify the destination folder.

The default save folder is the Pictures folder.

Data Format

Select the data format in which to save the scanned images.

You can select JPEG/ExifTIFFPNGPDF, or PDF (Multiple Pages).


  • You cannot select PDF or PDF (Multiple Pages) in the following cases.

    • When scanned by clicking Photo in the IJ Scan Utility Lite main screen
    • The Enable large image scans checkbox is selected in Save Settings of the Settings (Driver) dialog
    • Start OCR is selected in Application Settings of the Settings (Document Scan)Settings (Custom Scan), or Settings (Driver) dialog
  • You cannot select JPEG/Exif when Color Mode is Black and White.


  • With network connection, scanning may take longer than usual when you set TIFF or PNG in Data Format.
JPEG Image Quality

You can specify the image quality of JPEG files.


  • This appears only when JPEG/Exif is selected in Data Format.
PDF Compression

Select the compression type for saving PDF files.

It is recommended that you normally select this setting.
Compresses the file size when saving, allowing you to reduce the load on your network/server.


  • This appears only when PDF or PDF (Multiple Pages) is selected in Data Format.
Create a PDF file that supports keyword search

Select this checkbox to convert text in images into text data and create PDF files that support keyword search.


  • This appears only when PDF or PDF (Multiple Pages) is selected in Data Format.


  • PDF files that are searchable in the language selected in Document Language on the (General Settings) tab of the Settings dialog are created.
Save to a subfolder with current date

Select this checkbox to create a current date folder in the folder specified in Save in and save scanned images in it. The folder will be created with a name such as "20XX_01_01" (Year_Month_Date).

If this checkbox is not selected, files are saved directly in the folder specified in Save in.

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